Returns and Cancelations

How can I return the product?

Within 15 days of the day your order arrives, you can execute the product order.If the refunds are due to any defect caused by the product, the refund is 30 days.(There is no refund in the dresses. There is a change.)In addition, if you have a change request for the products that are on our site, you will have 7 working days.In the following criteria, you can provide the product return.

By filling out the return form, you can send the product in a non-damaged form, with ARAS Cargo, as a counter-payment.

If necessary, you can request your shipping code from ARAS Kargo. Please keep your shipping code on behalf of your problem.

After checking the availability of the returnable goods to the goods acceptance unit and checking the compliance with the return conditions, your credit card is transferred within 3 working days.If you are "paid at the door", you need to give us the IBAN number, who the account belongs to and which bank it belongs to.Payment will take place within 3 days after the notification.Depending on your bank, it may take a few days for you to see your iadeniz in your account or on your card.If you have a discount coupon in your order, your account will be redefined during the return process.The time remaining from the discount coupon will be redefined.

How many days does it take to return it?

The right to withdraw without cause is 7 days.

Which I can not return the goods?

Damaged packaging, non-prepaid products and used products can not be made.There is only change in dresses.

Which adrese will I send?

Return Address: HNF Textile - Mehmet Hanefi Turan
Kocatepe neighborhood Yel Street no: 19 Kocatepe Bayrampaşa Istanbul 0212 437 00 83

Am I paying shipping charges for return?

The shipping costs of the products you send to our company with the request of return belong to my firm. You can send your order with ARAS Cargo as "Adverse Payment" below

When do I have to pay back the product I returned?

Your credit card will be charged within 3 business days.

Can I change body or number for the elite product?

Products you buy or use on our site can be exchanged within 7 days. Your batch will be sent as soon as you have eliminated your replacement product. Cargo charges belong to us when exchanging products. Our product must be shipped by ARAS cargo in order to reach us.

What should I do if the product is faulty?

Change will be made. If the product is not in stock, money will be made.

Why is the installment payment made?

The fee for the product you have purchased in installments is returned to your credit card in full, but your bank will repay your credit card in your favor and your card will be repaid in installments.

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